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CNPR Testimonials - Pharmaceutical Sales Certification Reviews – CNPR Reviews

We consistently receive questions about how the CNPR Pharmaceutical Sales Training has helped our over 64,000 CNPR enrollees. For the last 20 years (Since 2002) we have helped thousands and thousands break into a career as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep.

Our proud heritage and comprehensive pharmaceutical trade certification with its plethora of essential industry training makes the CNPR Pharmaceutical Sales Certification a prerequisite for many companies. 

We continually receive compliments from our CNPR Graduates for the facilitation of the CNPR Certification – Pharmaceutical Sales Training program and how it was crucial for them to have it on their resume to enter into a  Pharmaceutical Sales Rep career. We thank those numerous endorsements and welcome more from our thousands of entry level industry candidates.

Below are some feedback received from some of the many candidates we have helped:

“I want to let you know that CNPR certification was the factor that got me hired by at US Pharmaceuticals. Best money I've ever spent!”

Shawn Chastain - CNPR

Hired by US Pharmaceuticals
"I just accepted a position with Ashfield Healthcare and would not have been able to without my CNPR or without the help of the association's Career Center."

P. Batchelor, - CNPR -

Now works at Ashfield Healthcare
“The training program boosted my confidence and gave me an advantage over other job applicants. Within a month of completing the program I was offered a sales rep position with a large pharmaceutical company!”

Brigid (Block) Kettenburg - CNPR

Hired by Eli Lilly
“I appreciate that the training made me aware of what to expect from a pharmaceutical sales position.”

Bianca Pelletteri - CNPR

Now works at AstraZeneca

What kind of people are pharmaceutical firms looking for in sales jobs?

(According to LiveCareer)  Take Pfizer, for example, which states on its Pharmaceutical Sales careers page that the company seeks "college graduates, experienced salespeople, junior military officers and anyone else with the intellect, experience and stamina to take on the challenges of a fast-track pharmaceutical sales career."

The company further seeks those with "the technical industry knowledge, industry credentials and business competencies we're looking for," as well as those who are creative self-starters with an interest/knowledge in pharmaceutical/medicine or science, and strong interpersonal skills."

“I'm proud to be certified CNPR by your esteemed organization. CNPR certificate helped me in 2 ways:

1. The valuable education and final exam gave me a great introduction into the pharmaceutical industry. I got my feet wet and gave me the confidence during my interviews with the knowledge I gained from the book you provided.

2 The certificate on the resume is priceless because it opens doors to dialogue with recruiters and HR staff.

Bottom line, you have a solid program which prepares you for a career in the pharmaceutical field in terms of education and certification. I strongly recommend any professional to get the CNPR certificate whether they're novice or experienced."

Waleed Aldameth - CNPR

Now working as a Biotech Specialty Sales Representative at Omeros Corporation
“Overall a wonderful experience and probably the most interesting book I studied since school. Thanks for all the help and support. You guys rock””

Pierre Santosuosso - CNPR

Now working as a Surgical Sales Representative at Ethicon.Inc
“The exam was very thorough and requires that you diligently read, study, and apply the course material. The training makes me feel very confident that I will get a pharmaceutical sales position."

Kelly Avaltroni - CNPR -

Now working as a Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist at AstraZeneca
“I am a registered nurse who has been in home infusion sales for over 10 years and presently a district sales manager. I thought that this certification was not needed and I already knew the material. I was very wrong and learned so much. I am very thankful that I took the time to study the material and feel very proud to now have the certification!”

Stacey Cooke - CNPR

Now a District Sales Manager at BioScript

You can find thousands of CNPR graduates now working as Pharmaceutical Sales Reps. To find more real people who obtained their CNPR and entered a pharmaceutical sales career click below:


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