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Obtain Industry Job Training with CNPR Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program

If you are an entry level candidate for pharmaceutical sales positions it is important to acquire industry knowledge and education. Industry recruiters and human resource professionals look for applicants with pharmacology and science education. The CNPR Certification -  Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program provides such education which will lead to acquiring entry level industry pharmaceutical sales rep training.

One reason that pharmaceutical companies prefer industry education and training is because they look to get newly hired candidates quickly out into a sales territory. If the new employee has limited training in pharmacology or the medical field then their training could last many weeks or months. This typically means no physician coverage for the assigned territory of the new employee while they are being trained. Thus the territories market share could be affected the longer it takes to train a new sales rep.

You have to remember that you must at least like science -- If you don't like science, being a pharmaceutical representative may not be your calling. If you are thinking about a career in pharmaceutical sales, do yourself a favor and try to at least get a taste of the industry..... pharmacology training is something that requires a lot of memorization - that's similar to what you'll be doing as a pharmaceutical representative.

Another reason that pharmaceutical companies look to hire educated and trained reps is that there is just less time and money devoted towards entry level training.  The most important result of the changing sales structure for pharma firms is a reduction in the amount of training resources that are available to them… It is also going to mean rethinking the structure of the training department to support the new field alignments.

Whoever says change is good clearly understands the direction in which pharmaceutical sales are evolving. With new guidelines pressuring companies to demonstrate superior value, and an environment that will tolerate little else, pharmaceutical companies are looking toward innovation and technology to create better training methods—this is particularly important as the sales force changes size and shape. Virtual classrooms and more focused attention to sales reps are just some of the strategies companies are now applying.

The National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives has developed the CNPR Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program to educate candidates so that they will be able to differentiate themselves from other candidates. The majority of entry level candidates have little or if any knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, drug patents, FDA regulations, CDER regulations, laws governing the pharmaceutical industry, the anatomy, pharmaceutical terms and abbreviations, drug sampling rules, effective physician selling skills, pharmaceutical selling guidelines & regulations, managed care, etc.


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