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The Pharmaceutical Industry and the CNPR Pharmaceutical Sales Program

The association represents experienced and entry-level sales rep nationally. The CNPR Certification - Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program is a pharmaceutical sales training program which is marketed to the pharmaceutical industry.  The CNPR examination and the National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives Pharmaceutical Sales Training Manual was compiled by consulting with pharmaceutical industry professionals and also analyzing the needs of the pharmaceutical sales profession.

The CNPR Certification - Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program is geared for those candidates looking to break into the Pharmaceutical Sales industry as well as for advancing the careers of current pharmaceutical reps. If you are looking to gain entry into the industry, please review the areas of the website geared to entry-level sales. If you have any questions just email us at

Since 2002 the association's education course is designed to provide the workforce skills necessary to acquire professional caliber positions in the pharmaceutical industry. The CNPR program is currently offered through scores of colleges and universities.  However, you can take advantage of the course now by ordering directly through the NAPSRx. If you want to find the college nearest you please email us at

Entry Level Pharma Sales
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Entry Level Pharma Sales
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